If art were to redeem man, it could do so only by saving him from the seriousness of life and restoring him to an unexpected boyishness - John Lennon.
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars - Oscar Wilde.
If you can't annoy somebody, there is little point in writing - Kingsley Amis.
Taste is the enemy of creativity - Picasso.

'I feel strongly that the visual arts are of vast and incalculable importance. Of course, I could be prejudiced. I am a visual art.' - Kermit the Frog

I will always believe in punk, because it's about creating something for yourself. - Joe Strummer.

Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief. All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief. - Bono.

rest in peace, JOE STRUMMER

ja wohl!


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i saw an old man.
on my way to work this morning.
walking ahead of me was an old gentleman dressed very nicely, probably on his way to work. an office, probably. crisp suit, long jacket, cap on his head. from his shoulders slung a brief-case. all very well-looked after.
he turned round to glare at the noise a passing car had made. nothing seemed at all out of the ordinary about this man.
until he dug his hand into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a fistful of birdseed and flung it into a corner for some pigeons. (he did so again a few steps later.)
things like that make me grin.
Have a grand day, lovelies.
find things that make you smile.


i didn't wish my Dad a happy birthday.

i know that because i checked and it's been a year since my Mum's birthday - her last birthday message is still on the front page.

and either he miraculously went a year without having a birthday or i am a bad daughter and didn't blog about it.

i blogged once other than wishing Mum a happy birthday.

and what's up with the font size?

if anybody can get it back to the normal size (or rather, help me figure out why it's suddenly fit for a toddler's book) i'd really appreciate it and buy you a coffee if you ever came to visit.


as for my Mum's birthday - yay!

Margaritas all round! :)

i was going to say something else
but i will leave that for next time,



the devil & mr jobs.

so Pixar has been purchashed.
this makes Steve Jobs the largest shareholder in (can you hear my teeth grinding?) Disney..

and last night, i'm sad to say - i made the statement (oh, and i think i've just cracked a molar) Bill (gulp) Gates is a better person than Steve Jobs.

for, although Apple's stary-eyed idealism aside, Steve Jobs is about ... *Steve Jobs* - about (to pull a quote from an article i've just read on the matter) 'putting a ding in the universe'

and although i may never have been a fan of Microsoft, i have to admit Bill Gates at least puts a good amount of his money towards charity. Which is to be acknowledged, if not admired.

i can't say that Steve Jobs does anything other than further his own cause :(

i'm disappointed.
maybe if i was a huge disney fan, i'd be ecstatic.

thus ends the days of wide-eyed optimisim,
to be replaced by soulless, terrifiyingly large-eyed disney creatures


trouble whereever i go . . .

yesterday i went to the supermarket with Richard.
it was meant to be a simple stop for dinner ingredients on the way home from work, an 'in&out' sort of thing. nothing complicated about that, right?
well - you forget who you're dealing with.
i've got one of those discount cards the stores give out - ours call it the 'Advantage Card' - but different stores carry different cards, they all have them these days.
i only carry the little one meant for your key ring - for two reasons: 1: it fits in my coin purse and means less clutter for my already cluttered filofax; and 2: i've long-since lost the full-sized card. but hey! it's alright! until yesterday, carrying the keyring-sized one has worked out for me :)
until yesterday.
it was all going smoothly, until i handed the fella my card - when he handed it back, it slipped down under the scanner. we both saw it slip right in that little crack... beyond our grasp - before we could react.
the next 5 hours (okay it was probably only like 10 minutes, if that - but because of my embarrassment, it felt like 10 hours) were spent dismantling the till and the side of the scanning counter.
all for that tiny key fob card.
once he'd lifted the till up and could see the card, the man behind the register even stretched and contorted himself down to reach for it - eventually rescuing it from the disgusting filth underneath the scanner.
i admire the two clerks who helped me and can't get over their patience through the ordeal - especially the fella who climbed down to grab the card!!! Richard had to hold a bit of the machine up to keep from falling onto him! i tried to help put the counter back together, but ended up just standing there looking sheepish. i'm fairly useless.
who could imagine such a scene could be caused and such havoc reaked by just a tiny supermarket savings card?
but that's me.
wherever i go, disaster strikes!




luv ya :)


Richard is probably not going to be happy that i'm blogging about this, but i don't care. clearly you have to have a sense of irreverence about things or you just might end up pushing yourself the rest of the way towards insanity. and i don't want that. (or, after taking a look around, do i?)

anyway ... i was thinking about things.
and something i wrote in my high school year book blurb. (you know, those end pieces, where you state your career goals?)

well, my aim was: teaching spastics to dance a reference to a bit from John Lennon In His Own Write (one of my favourites)

which just struck me as amusing as i am now myself a spastic (epileptic)
everybody has their niche, eh? :)
who would have ever thought!
at the time i wrote that... it was pure silliness that compelled me to write it. now, i am a dancing spastic :)


it's a hockey night in . . .
eh - wait, no it isn't actually.

to the owners & the players.

so they've had to officially cancel the hockey season.

nice one.

this will be the first time since, what... 1918 that a Stanley Cup will not have been awarded?

okay - so both parties, you're just being greedy over money, right?

think about the fans - canada is mad about hockey.
however, in the usa - we're known for having short attention spans.
you are bickering about what little money there is to throw around now, wait until you've wasted more time without playing any games. what is the actual source of the revenue over which you're debating? the fans. what are the fans doing right now? finding other ways to occupy their time, or forgetting about hockey altogether - as much as it pains me to say, but there aren't as many die-hard fans in the usa as you will find in canada. there are a lot of cities which were already suffering from a loss of interest even before the lock-out, do you really think this will help?

wait until another season goes by and you've lost even more fans.

soon you'll have even less money to bicker over.

you're not doing yourselves any favours.
how can this accomplish anything? i don't understand.


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